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Laser Printingdirect mail it

Most needs fall within the parameters of personalising A3 or A4 sheets whether simplex or duplex. We can also personalise custom sizes within the aforementioned parameters. Personalisation is only limited to the amount of information available from the associated database.

Ink Jet Printing

Primarily this method of personalisation is used for address printing envelopes or postcards. The parameters within which we must work are based on the size and stock type of paper. Typically envelopes need to be no larger than C4 with the smallest being C6 and using standard paper stocks. Postcards need to be kept free from UV or other finish on the area required to be personalised.

Where high gloss or similar finishes are required in the use of postcards, rather than personalise the postcard we can produce address labels and apply these to the postcards instead.

For information on Personalisation contact Mail IT