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Data Management


Data Entry/Processing/Cleansinggraph

Unlock the potential of your existing data. Doing 80% of business with 20% of your clients is not an unusual statistic. Personalised direct mail can change this reality. The focus of directing personalised communications in a meaningful, targeted, relevant and timely fashion is the essence of good marketing whatever the medium.

Have you recently acquired data through advertising or promotion of some description?

Have you attended an event and managed to acquire relevant contact and address data that could be beneficial?

Do you have completed competition or entry forms or survey sheets that may be relevant to your business?

Whatever method you use to capture potential client data, we can build databases from many sources for utilisation in direct mail campaigns.


Data/List Supply

To increase or augment your existing data, lists for rental or purchase can be obtained allowing for single or multiple use based on your needs. Whatever criteria you feel are relevant to increasing your customer base; these can be used to identify suitable categories of potential clients whereupon these may be obtained for direct mail use.

To discuss the benefits of this and how  Data Management can work for you contact Mail IT