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Efficient, Affordable, Measurable Direct Mail Solutions

Mail IT is a robust mailing operation with high volume capabilities while also catering  for low to medium volumes of mailing  requirements.

Modern envelope insertion equipment and high volume laser printing equipment form the core of the processing power of the organisation.

Strong business relationships formed over years of experience exist in parallel with efficiency and competitiveness.

If you need it now, Mail Now Ltd trading as Mail IT will deliver!

Get in touch to find out how we can become partners in fulfilling your requirements.

Direct marketing through targeted mail is often an efficient, affordable, measurable and lucrative method of doing business with your customers. The complexities of using direct mail as a marketing medium can seem a little daunting at first however that’s where we can assist.

We can advise on data, print and supply your materials including envelopes, personalise your communication using the address data, fold and machine insert your materials into envelopes and cost effectively have it delivered to its destination.

This highly effective marketing channel has grown enormously and is recognised as a tool in certain sectors that must be used in order to achieve best possible results. Invariably this medium works in collaboration and conjunction with other media each providing reinforcement to the other for improved results.

Mail IT will work closely with you to achieve your aims through this medium and advise the best direction to take to ensure best possible outcome and cost efficiencies.

handshakeA Full Service Company

We provide complete mailing services including:

  • Data Management
  • Printing
  • Folding
  • Personalised printing of documents and envelopes
  • Machine/manual insertion of material into envelopes
  • Mailing and distribution of materials.

Mail Now Ltd trading as Mail IT is registered with the Data Protection Commissioner as a data services provider.

Personalised attention

Whether your company is large or small, your goals ambitious or modest, contact us today and we will assist you to ensure your direct mail campaign is produced efficiently, competitively and professionally.

For more information please contact us at